Funnel Cake Sundae from Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers. Warm funnel cake topped with powdered sugar, vanilla custard, and strawberries.

FredHead Feed: Better Than Your State Fair’s Funnel Cake Dessert

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When you’re craving a funnel cake, you don’t always have to wait until the state fair comes around. Right now, you can get a funnel cake at your local Freddy’s that’s even better than your state fair’s because it’s paired with our premium frozen custard and your favorite topping! What better way to finish a delicious meal than enjoying a Freddy’s Funnel Cake Sundae prepared just for you?

Perfecting the Funnel Cake Sundae

Freddy’s Funnel Cake Sundae is made with our premium frozen custard, which is denser and creamier than traditional ice cream and churned fresh each day in each Freddy’s location. The smooth texture and rich flavor of the custard combines deliciously with the warmth of the funnel cake, which we fry fresh for each order.

What makes Freddy’s Funnel Cake Sundae the ultimate treat is it gives our Guests the opportunity to innovate with our ingredients. Our classic Freddy’s Funnel Cake Sundae is topped with sweet strawberries, but we’ve seen creations range from peanut butter and banana, to a Funnel Cake Sundae version of our Signature Turtle Sundae with hot fudge, hot caramel and toasted pecans. With such a wide variety of toppings available to work with, including nuts, candies and syrups, options are only limited by your imagination – and your appetite!

Funnel Cake Sundae Ingredients

The cold, rich frozen custard with the hot, freshly fried funnel cake makes a marriage of sweet perfection. Frozen custard is smoother and richer than ice cream due to a time-tested churning process that minimizes ice crystals and excess air. Freddy’s uses America’s finest dairy ingredients and freshly churns our frozen custard throughout each day in every restaurant.

  • Vanilla or chocolate frozen custard
  • Funnel cake
  • Strawberry topping – or your own favorite topping(s)
  • Powdered sugar

How Do You Make a Funnel Cake Sundae?

Freddy’s Team Members follow these steps to create your freshly prepared funnel cake sundae:

  1. Funnel cake is fried to a perfect golden brown on each side.
  2. Once cooked, the funnel cake is dusted with powdered sugar.
  3. A scoop of vanilla custard is placed onto the funnel cake.
  4. Lastly, strawberries or your favorite toppings are added to complete the sundae.

Funnel Cake Sundae Questions

How Many Calories are in a Funnel Cake Sundae?

Calories? Who’s thinking about calories when you’re eating something this good! But of course, If you really want to know, you can find it on our Nutrition Page.

What is a Funnel Cake?

One of the best parts of going to the fair is all the fried foods, especially the funnel cake. This fun, family-favorite treat of deep-fried dough reminds many of loving memories and family traditions from years past. The classic funnel cake finale is a dusting of powdered sugar, but the topping possibilities for this treat are endless!

Who Invented the Funnel Cake?

Funnel cakes are considered one of the very first North American fried foods. In the 17th & 18th century, immigrants from Germany who moved to Pennsylvania, and were later known as the Pennsylvania Dutch, introduced us to what we now know as funnel cakes.

Where can I buy Funnel Cake Sundaes?

Funnel cakes are just around the corner at your local Freddy’s!

Watch our Funnel Cake Sundae Videos

Funnel Cake Sundae Photos from FredHeads