The Comfort-Food Burger Chain Expanding Across America

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Founded in 2002, in Wichita, Kansas, Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers now has more than 300 locations across 31 states and is poised to go international. The franchise, which was recently named by Forbes as the best franchise to buy in America, has doubled its unit count with 135 percent growth over the past three years. It also hit $411 million in sales last year.

While healthy eating is all the rage, Freddy’s takes a different approach through embracing Midwestern comfort food as the ultimate indulgence in a balanced life. Consider the franchise’s current campaign, “If you’re gonna be bad, it better be good.”

And Freddy’s makes sure its food is good by using premium meat and quality ingredients. Plus, doesn’t start cooking until the order is placed. The goal, the company says: When guests take their first bite out of a Freddy’s steakburger, they’ll see the steam coming off of it. The custard served at each Freddy’s franchise is also made by a company in Chicago and was selected after a lengthy search. This fits into the founders’ belief that food is king—not trends and fleeting buzzwords.

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