FredHead Feed: Fried Cheese Curds Available at Freddy’s

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Whether you know exactly what fried cheese curds are or you hear “fried cheese” and say “I’m there!” – Freddy’s cheese curds are #FreddysWorthIt. Our cheese curds are premium white cheddar cheese, lightly covered with butter crumbs and fried to a gooey golden perfection. About the size of a tater tot, our cheese curds can be popped into your mouth and savored, with or without a dipping sauce. You will keep coming back for more, no doubt!

Questions and Answers About Cheese Curds

Many of you, especially those of us who live in the west or southern states, have asked lots of questions about our cheese curds. With the help of our Guest Digital Hospitality team, we have included a few of the most popular questions.

Who Invented Cheese Curds?

Cheese curds, made from fresh pasteurized milk, are a result of the cheese-making process (very simply, the whey and the curd), the whey and curd mixture is cooked and pressed to release the whey from the curd – ta-da – cheese curds. Whoever invented these delicious cheese bites, we are so grateful! Many say cheese curds were perfected and recipes were created in Wisconsin and then shared with the rest of us – thanks to Wisconsin for sharing the cheese curd love!

What do Cheese Curds Taste Like?

Curds are tender and fresh in flavor and have a mild cheddar, lightly salty taste and a springy texture. If you are from the Wisconsin area, cheese curds are very familiar and taste like the dairy-country you know and love; but for those of us outside of Wisconsin, they simply taste rich, delicious and make us think “I need more cheese curds, let’s go to Wisconsin . . . actually, let’s go to Freddy’s!”

How to Make Fried Cheese Curds?

  1. Get fresh cheese curds, within hours of production
  2. Coat with batter
  3. Drop into deep fryer until golden brown
  4. Enjoy!
  5. OR – let Freddy’s make them for you! Then, all you will have to decide is to dip or not to dip.

How to Eat Cheese Curds?

Speaking of dipping, how do you like to eat your fried cheese curds? Plain, dipped in Freddy’s Famous Fry Sauce® or Freddy’s Famous Jalapeño Fry Sauce®, ranch, Freddy’s chili, ketchup … the list is endless. See what our guests have come with for dipping options with their Freddy’s fried cheese curds.

What’s the Difference Between Fried Cheese Curds and Mozzarella Sticks?

Well, there are two things most of us notice right away: the size (bite-sized vs. stick) and the type of cheese they are made with (cheddar vs. mozzarella). Also, the coating of a fried cheese curd is similar to a crushed buttery cracker and the coating of a mozzarella stick is often made with Italian bread crumbs. Though both are delicious in their own way, we are partial to Freddy’s cheese curds dipped in our Freddy’s Famous Fry Sauce® or Freddy’s Famous Jalapeño Fry Sauce®.

Where Can I Get Cheese Curds Near Me?

After seeing other Guests’ dipping secrets, you must find out which way you like to dip your cheese curds, so let’s talk about where to get them – find a Freddy’s near you.



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