FredHead Feed: Grab & Go at Freddy’s

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Oreo Nutter Butter Custard Sandwich StackFredHead_Feed_LogoJust think, you’ve been up studying or working until the wee hours of the morning and all you are craving is Freddy’s frozen custard, but the restaurant is closed . . . what do you do? Go to your freezer where you have stashed an Oreo® Custard Cookie Sandwich and a pint of Freddy’s chocolate custard, grab a spoon and enjoy! Your past-self has made your future-self so happy! #goldstar

So maybe it’s not a late-night study session, but it’s your turn to bring treats to your kid’s soccer game, classroom party or family get-together and it totally slipped your mind . . . now what?

  1. Go to Freddy’s.

  2. Open the freezer (Conveniently located next to the registers!).

  3. Grab two dozen Custard Cookies (Choose Oreo® or Nutter Butter® with vanilla or chocolate frozen custard. How about a few of each to make everyone happy?).

  4. Pay the friendly Freddy’s Team Member at the register.

  5. Deliver the Custard Cookies and everybody wins!

Freddy's Frozen Custard PintAs you were grabbing the Custard Cookies, you also noticed Freddy’s quarts and pints . . . now you are thinking, “well obviously I need one in my freezer at all times,” but what else can I do with Freddy’s creamy frozen custard?

Pinterest DIY Recipe BoardCheck out our Pinterest board for DIY recipes:

Cherry Custard Pie, Orange Creamsicles, Fried Custard, Peach Custard Pie, Patriotic Parfait, S’Mores Custard Pie, Iced Coffee and more. There are even a few for the 21+ crowd: Tumbleweeds, Beer Floats and Grasshoppers.

Don’t forget, you can get your favorite mix-in (fudge, caramel, cookie dough, Reese’s® and the list goes on) added to your quarts and pints too (for a small charge). It’s your favorite Freddy’s concrete, only way bigger!

What have you made with Freddy’s frozen custard? Share it with us, and you never know, it might make it on our Pinterest board.

Tell us (or even better, show us) what Freddy’s frozen treats you have stashed in your freezer, or what the soccer team enjoyed after the game, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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