Funnel Cake sundae with strawberry topping.

Hatch green chiles return along with the Funnel Cake Sundae

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Hatch green chiles return to Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers in 2016 on Friday, July 8, along with the Funnel Cake Sundae. Both items will be available through August 31.

Two, lean ground beef patties are topped with grilled onions, cheese, mustard, and New Mexico’s famous Hatch green chiles to craft the Freddy’s Hatch Green Chile Double Steakburger. Alternatively, enjoy the Hatch chiles on a Vienna Beef hot dog or request as a garnish on any menu item.

A warm funnel cake is topped with powdered sugar and a scoop of freshly-churned vanilla frozen custard. Add strawberry topping and you have the Funnel Cake Sundae, a popular, summertime dessert at Freddy’s. Feel free to hold the strawberries and add any Freddy’s topping to create your own Funnel Cake Sundae.

“The Hatch chiles and the Funnel Cake Sundae are craveable menu items,” said Scott Redler, COO. “Our guests can’t seem to get enough. The Hatch chiles are a great option if you’re looking to add a little zest to your steakburger. And you really can’t go wrong with an all-American, state-fair dessert favorite like the Funnel Cake Sundae.”