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Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers ~ Keller, Texas

In early 2014, Freddy’s opened this location in Keller, bringing them that much closer to the RJG’s cow pasture.

RJG Jan 2009 feature

Food: No surprises here, it’s a burger joint. They have two signature burgers: Freddy’s Original and California style. The latter influenced by In-N-Out and has a tomato slice and thousand island dressing (Freddy’s sauce). Because we now have INO, there’s little reason to go for the imitation, and rather it’s best to stick with the Freddy’s Original Double. This particularly yummy burger contains cheese, mustard, pickles, and onions – and it’s recommended to get two patties since they are so thin. And speaking of those patties, they are burnt to a crisp on the edges, which honestly is delicious. You get all the grease of burgers’ past that way! They also have patty melts, hot dogs (that look really good), and a chicken sandwich if you insist. I have to admit, a Freddy’s double with gooey yellow cheese is a very fine tasting burger (even if a bit salty). I haven’t been so inclined to try much else – other than the California burger we mentioned in the above link. Oh, and the fries are awesome. The super thin crispy “shoestring” kind. And they don’t skimp on the quantity either.

Drinks/Desserts: And this is the other reason to go to Freddy’s: Frozen custard. I get a mini, and still feel guilty. But their Concrete’s are truly wonderful. They’re not hardcore like Ted Drewes in St. Louis where they hold it upside down or anything (thus the name concrete), but for your local fast food franchise they do a fine job. You can get vanilla or chocolate, and a variety of mix-ins/syrups. They also have sundaes, if you think you can get out of your car after eating one. Soda/tea for drinks of course.

Location: On the north side of Keller Pkwy, just west of Keller-Smithfield (Keller likes to have their name in half the street signs…). It’s a standalone building, that you can’t miss, with a drive-thru, which is usually what I use. I have dined in the restaurant once, and it’s a typical loud and bright fast food joint. I brought the RJG official Mom once and she couldn’t hear much with her hearing aids. So file that away if you’re in the same boat as her.

Notes: Freddy’s started in 2002 in Wichita, Kansas and has grown exponentially since then, now well over 150 stores and in 60% of the States!

Rating: 4.0